Refund Policy

I. Reservation:

  1. Please make advance reservations via telephone or book online to assure Studio availability.
  2. A deposit is required to obtain a confirmed reservation. Please note the cancellation policy before committing to a reservation.
  3. Rates may change without notice and may vary subject to the duration of rental except for confirmed reservation (deposit taken).
  4. Rates are inclusive of statutory tax and charges.

II. Occupancy:

  1. Normal occupancy is limited to a maximum of 50 people at a time.

III. Deposit:

  1. To confirm your reservations, a deposit equal to a minimum of 20 percent of the total amount is required. We accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. For alternate arrangements, please contact the studio.

IV. Cancellation:

  1. Should your plans change, be sure to inform within the following guidelines for a refund of your deposit. A cancellation number will be given to ensure the proper return of the deposit. If the cancellation does not meet the guidelines, the deposit will be retained.
  2. Cancellation charges are as follows:
    4 days prior to the booking date – 50% will be charged for cancellation
    2 days prior to the booking date – 100% will be charged for cancellation

V. Refund Policy

  1. When you cancel a booking and are entitled to a refund then we will instruct the refund right away. The processing will take between 2-4 weeks until the whole amount shows back on your credit card statement. Reasons for this are the billing cycle of your credit card company and the processing time of the bank. The refund amount depends on numerous factors such as the hotel’s cancellation policy, time of cancellation, and processing fees. For more details see the cancellation policy above.
  2. In case a reservation that you make is not confirmed, we will not charge you anything on your credit card and release the whole amount that was held on it immediately. Now after we do this, it will still take a maximum of 2-4 weeks for the bank to process this and for the money to show back on your credit card.

VI. Modification

  1. We require 7 days before the original rental date for the amendment request. Any modifications are subject to availability at the time you make the request.

VI. Equipment

  1. The rental of studio is exclusive of any television production, and video equipment. For the rental of equipment please refer to our rate list,

VII. Payment Security

  1. It is important for you to know that whenever you provide us with personal details or credit card information, it is secure. Your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number are protected by the latest security technology. Upon checkout, your credit card information is directly transferred to the bank and securely tested.